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LisaG lmg1138 at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 7 16:16:57 PDT 2004

Just as long as you don't switch me!  There's a biiiiiig difference between easy ECD and Italian. :->

So, having not done this before, if the class is 75 minutes, how many dances should I plan on?  


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I can switch with you if you'd prefer to do the Easy
Italian =) I'm flexible either way.


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> OK, I can try to teach the "Advanced" class, and presumably this would be 
> an Italian dance?  Now  I just need to get myself to practices again!
> So if Alys teaches ECDs we have.....
> Beginner: Bransles (Geoffrey)
> Int: Easy Italians (Vyncent)
> Int: ECD's (Alys)
> Advanced: A Challenging Italian Dance TBD
> (Marguerite)
> Shall I email the autocrat?
> ;-), Marguerite
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> >Hey there --
> >
> >I was looking at the schedule, and didn't see anything in the dance
> >track except JeffyMat's branles class. But I think you'd said something
> >about teaching ECD on the west dance list. Is that still set? I could
> >probably do it, if there was something else you wanted to do instead...
> >
> >Easy ECD I can do. Advanced dances? No way, no how.  :->
> >
> >lisa

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