westdance: RE: collegium nebulorum

Rachael Keish rachael_keish at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 6 22:16:21 PDT 2004

Hi Alys-
Yeah, I had assumed the word just didn't get back to the Autocrat, and meant 
to check on that.

BY ALL MEANS please do volunteer to teach an ECD class! :-)  I'll cc: this 
email to the dance list to see if anyone remembers what we signed up for 
that the Autocrat didn't get word on - (I think Vyncent signed up too...and 
I'm totally flexible on whatIi'll teach. We're a long ways out yet!)
:-), Marguerite

>From: "Lisa Gaunt" <lgaunt at outerbay.com>
>To: "Rachael Keish" 
><rachael_keish at hotmail.com>,<rachaelo at alumni.utexas.net>
>Subject: collegium nebulorum
>Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 16:29:10 -0700
>Hey there --
>I was looking at the schedule, and didn't see anything in the dance
>track except JeffyMat's branles class. But I think you'd said something
>about teaching ECD on the west dance list. Is that still set? I could
>probably do it, if there was something else you wanted to do instead...
>Easy ECD I can do. Advanced dances? No way, no how.  :->

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