westdance-announce: Dance Teachers for Aug 2 event needed!

Rachael Keish rachael_keish at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 9 18:11:16 PDT 2003

The Shire of Ecorngil is indeed holding a Performing Arts Fete on August 2, 
and we need teachers for there to be lots of dancing. :-)

Below are the proposed list of dances & sets- PLEASE let me know if you can 
teach & call these at the event!  You'll notice that they look strikingly 
like the Crosston Ball dances, so feel free to sign up to teach the same 
ones, or request different ones/changes in this list.

Cool markers for all of the teachers/callers/shills will be given to you to 
wear at the event, and you'll have my undying gratitude. :-)  Don't be shy - 
I've got cheat sheets you can use!

The rough schedule is to have dancing taught from noon to 3:30 (in 
mundanes), then change into garb and have:

4:00-5:00 pm
1.   Horses Bransel
2.   Rufty Tufty
3.   Contrapasso
4.   Black Alman
5.   Amoroso

Break for Presentation (bardic, choir, or performance dance)

6.   Dull Sir John
7.   Pinwheel
8.   Contentezza d'Amore
9.   Cuckholds all in a Row
10. Lorayne Alman

Bella Luna Caravan Performance

11.  Villanella
12.  Chesnut
13.  Geloxia
14.  Hearts Ease
15.  Jenny Pluck Pears

8:00-8:30 Presentation (bardic, choir, or performance dance)

(there is a half hour as float timehere just in case something runs a few 
minutes long)

Dances to do if time allows:
16.  Black Nag
17.  Grimstock
18.  Fimma d'Amore
19.  Petit Riens

9:00-9:45 clean up

10:00 lock up the hall & leave

This is all open to suggested revision - please email me if you'd like to 
see a change! I'll be filling  in to teach wherever needed, but want to keep 
relatively open in case there are strange last minuite Autocrat things that 

In service,
Marguerite du Royon

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