scabooks: New books being proofread

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Sun Sep 7 21:53:09 PDT 2003

There are currently a bunch of pre-1600-related projects being
proofread on the Project Gutenberg website, including yet another
volume of Richard Haluyt's late 16th century _The Principal
Navigations...of the English Nation_, volume 14, part 3, America; _An
English Garner_ by Arber, which is a collection of miscellaneous late
middle English and Tudor/Stuart poetry and stuff; and the early 1900s
_A Concise Dictionary of Middle English_.

It's all at -- but to help proofread, you'll need to
register, and read the instructions, proofread a few pages in the
beginner projects, and then you can move on to helping with the
pre-1600 stuff.

-- greg

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