scabooks-announce: Books currently being proofread

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Sun May 23 15:07:10 PDT 2004

There are a bunch of interesting books being proof-read in the 1st
round on right now:

# The Poetical Works of John Skelton (2 of 2) (ca. 1560-1529)
# Discvrsos Sobre El Arte Del Danzado (1642)
# Caxton's Book of Courtesye (etiquette for kids) (1477)
# Prefaces and prologues to famous books, by William Caxton (late 15th c)
# Various plays by Beaumont and Fletcher (Elizabethan)

About 1/2 of our list has signed up to proofread there.

I've added a "What's New" section to my list of pre-1650 books at the
"Online Books page" hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. You can
find this below

or directly at

-- Gregory

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