pennsicdance: Peascods Fritters--correction

Alexander Clark alexbclark at
Sat Aug 3 07:28:30 PDT 2013

It turns out that I missed something when I taught my new dance
Peascod Fritters. In the second part of the dance the chorus should be
started by the women.

So the figures are:

Circle left two (walking) doubles; that again to the right.

Men take hands and go round the inside (clockwise), and come to their
places (8), then hold up their arms while the women go about in front
of their partner, behind the next, etc., to their places; women go
round (counterclockwise) and hold up their hands, and the men go about
as the women did (counterclockwise).

Men meet and clap hands, women as much, while the men go back, men
meet again and clap hands and turn single; women meet and clap hands,
men meet and clap hands, while the women go back, women meet again and
clap hands and turn single. (I have added "and clap hands" to this
figure, quoted from Gathering Peascods, in all four of the places
where Playford only implied it.)
Sides; that again.

The two couples against each other (on the sides) meet (a double, or
equivalent steps), take right hands with contrary (2), then left hands
(2), and both held turn (~8), then go out between the nearest head
couple and cast off to your places (~8); the other four (heads) do as

As before (meeting and clapping) the women meeting first.
Arms; that again.

The first four (the side couples) lead in to meet a double and back,
then the two men change places, their partners change places, and go
the straight single hey (beginning with the right shoulder to your
partners, and men by the left shoulder) to your places (a half hey);
the other four (heads) as much.

Men meet, etc., as the first time.

(Copyright 2013 by Alex Clark. The right to develop any different
sequence of figures, to be taught or distributed under the name of the
dance given here, is reserved by the author.)

And thanks to the dancers and musicians who helped me try out this
dance (and those who would have done if they had still been up).


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