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Thu Jun 27 08:46:59 PDT 2013

Greetings unto the Pennsic dance community and beyond!

As we begin the final countdown for Pennsic, I’d like to take the
opportunity over the next few weeks to tell you all about some of the
fantastic things we are doing in the European Dance Pavilion this year.  Please
feel free to forward this email to other lists.

We are again continuing the tradition of the Beginner Dance Track, this
year in the afternoons at 2 and 3 p.m.  This year’s track includes twenty
classes, teaching almost every genre of Medieval and Renaissance Dance, as
well as Absolute Beginner Dance.  During the second week, these classes
also provide a great introduction to each evening’s ball.  Whether you are
completely new to Medieval and Renaissance Dance, or just want a refresher
course before you try out new classes, the Beginner Dance Track has plenty
to offer!


THL Margherita Battistina (Margaret Roe)
Dean of the School of European Dance, Pennsic 42

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