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Fri Apr 26 09:41:11 PDT 2013

Unto the Pennsic Dance Community does THL Margherita Battistina again send
warm greetings.

Now that the class schedule is settled, it is time to look toward the

The Deputy to the Dean is not just my right-hand man, who has the authority
to make emergency decisions in my absence, but is also the person who will
take the reins after my tenure as Dean ends, and whom I will train for that
end in the meantime.  This job, Dean, is no small task, and requires
someone with a wide range of skills and knowledge - who must be deeply
knowledgeable of SCA dance and its history, have strong managerial skills,
be a skillful motivator, and be very detail-oriented to handle the many
moving parts of this puzzle.

I have chosen to break with tradition in choosing my Deputy, and give you,
the Pennsic Dance Community, the opportunity to express your opinions.  To
that end, I am hereby requesting nominations from you for my Deputy.  If
you think someone would make a good future Dean, please recommend them unto
me, including in your recommendation how to contact them and the reasons
you would recommend them.

Please send such suggestions and comments to the official email of the
Dean: pennsic.eurodance (at)  I won’t consider any nominations
made to my personal email account, my personal Facebook account, or on any
public board or page.

I look forward to hearing your input.


THL Margherita Battistina (Margaret Roe)
Dean of the School of European Dance, Pennsic 42

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