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Thu Feb 21 19:29:40 PST 2013


I am certain many of you have already heard the news about the new facility
being built at Pennsic this year, across the street from the Dance Pavilion.
For those who haven’t, it was officially announced on Monday that the
Pennsic Barn will no longer be available for courts and events, but will
now be a food market and restaurant.  The events will be moving to a new
facility, called the Great Hall, being built on block N01, which is right
across from the Dance Pavilion.

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some aspects of this
announcement.  The new building will go in the block across the street from
the Dance Pavilion, but it will not face the Dance Pavilion, nor will it be
directly across the street.  The current plans have the building facing
north-south, and it will be offset from Chandler’s Road – the University is
expecting it to be far enough from the road to include a few classrooms
along that wall.  Additionally, the building will be built much like the
barn – with walls, a concrete floor and electricity – but slightly larger.  As
a result of the new building’s position and construction, simultaneous
events are expected to not conflict with each other.  In fact, we should
expect a bit of extra attention from the additional foot traffic passing
the Dance Pavilion.

I have no information on the changes that this facility will have on the
groups who previously camped in this block.

As more information comes available, I will gladly pass on the news.



THL Margherita Battistina (Margaret Roe)
Dean of the School of European Dance, Pennsic 42

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