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It is rather hard to know what to expect as you could get anywhere from 5 or less up to 20, 30 or even 50 students. You will likely have a good number of ringers around if you find that is needed or helpful they are almost always willing to dance. 

As far as dance selections I would think that is a very good choice as people can easially learn at their level. Some can be sorting left and right and others are not only learning the dance but playing with the mimes. I would think they would be a good first dance to teach at war in that it is easier then most of the other possibilities as you can have just one set to watch and encourage.

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>So, I seem to be teaching it this year, and I've never done so before! I
>also haven't attended it, so I'm not quite sure what's appropriate. If I
>were designing a class for absolute beginners, I'd pick pantomime bransles
>- that's what I've had most luck with in the past. Probably Washerwoman's,
>Horses' and Peas. Would that be appropriate, or would I be doubling someone
>else/are there specific expectations for Absolute Beginner? If so, could
>someone tell me what they are? Thanks! And sorry for sending this out so
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