pennsicdance: A proposal for children and youth dance classes

Krege, Barbara B KREGE at
Sun Apr 22 23:23:04 PDT 2012

After looking at the Pennsic youth schedules for various activities and interests, I have some suggestions:
Wed and Thursday, August 1 & 2, there is nothing going on for the youth any where.
Friday, August 3, there are the early morning Pennsic theater youth groups and youth combat.
Saturday, August 4, there is Pennsic theater group, youth combat, fishing 1-3pm, and youth choir 1-2pm.
After Saturday, it starts getting busy for all of us.

Rebecca bint Cariadoc and I have both offered to teach the youth.  I hope there will be others.
Darius also offered to help.

Master Lorenzo, which of the following times are taken?
Wednesday, August 1, 11-noon, 12-1, and 1-2pm.  (2-3pm?)
Thursday, August 2, 11-noon, 12-1, and 1-2pm.  (2-3pm?)
Friday, August 3, 11-noon, 12-1 and 1-2pm.  (2-3pm?)
Saturday, August 4, 9-10 and 10-11am.

Here are my thoughts.
If the above times are available, we have no conflict with other youth activities or meetings, except on Saturday.
I can teach up to 4 dance classes for the children and commit to help with all others, during the above times.
We have two dance classes on each of those four days during 2 of the available times above.
One class each day for children, ages 5 & up, and one class each day for youth, ages 8 & up during just those four days.
We teach to the level and needs of the children, with there being several “ringers” (adult dancers in each group to help out.)
Adults will be welcome at all classes.
For youth ages 11 and under, parent or legal guardian must be present (Pennsic rules, not mine)
On Saturday, August 4, during the class for the children (ages 5 & up) we have an “informal ball” giving them the chance to learn the structure of balls, and “dance” what they have learned, along with any adults who wish to participate.
Saturday afternoon, 5-6:30pm, we also have a Ball for the youth, ages 8 and up, no refreshments, but they may dress up for their Ball, and adults are also welcome.  We run it like a Ball, with canned music.
Again, Pennsic rules apply requiring parent or guardian to be present for all minors, ages 11 and under.

This is far more classes than I originally dreamed about, and I will be happy with whatever the dance community is willing to support.  But by having one of the dance classes each of these four days, during the noon hour, it gives most of the adult dancers a break to have lunch or to give their children lunch.

By having this concentration of classes, and during a time, when there is nothing else for the children, we might have a larger audience of children and youth.  Also by having the classes three or four days in a row, the children have a chance to practice what they have learned in subsequent classes.  By having this early in the Pennsic schedule, there may be youth, who become brave enough to take some of the other dance classes later in the week.

Only downside for the children—it doesn’t give a chance to children who come to Pennsic only for war week, a chance to take these classes.

Jayne Barber
(Barbara Krege)

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