pennsicdance: Any dance classes for the youth at Pennsic this year?

Ben Pung ben at
Wed Apr 18 13:23:54 PDT 2012

I think the key here is to present any "children's classes" in a  
positive way. Younger children can be disruptive in a class, and a  
class labeled with "younger children welcome" tells parents that the  
teacher of that class is prepared to work with younger children. This  
may make it more likely that parents who are unsure whether their  
children will be able to attend a general dance class without being  
disruptive will bring them. It also gives adults who do not want to be  
in such a class a chance to work their schedule around it. I don't  
foresee there being enough of these classes to take away from the rest  
of the dance schedule, and it gives a good opportunity to expose  
children to dancing that otherwise may not have had such an opportunity.


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