pennsicdance: Any dance classes for the youth at Pennsic thisyear?

David Friedman ddfr at
Mon Apr 16 23:12:43 PDT 2012

I'm curious why people see this as "children's dance classes" rather 
than "novice dance classes." I don't teach dance, but for things I do 
teach I don't see any reason to segregate the class by age. 

One of the things I like about the Society is that children can be included rather than separated off. 

On Mon, 16 Apr 2012 15:09:00 -0400, David Learmonth 

It is an excellent idea that we do plan some children's classes into the
> mix at Pennsic.  It seemed to go over really well last year!
> Two quick points to mention:
> 1.  If we do these, we should make sure to have a lot of volunteer ringers
> and/or other adults involved.  Last year I think each small group of kids
> had a sufficient other dance teacher in their group, not to teach directly,
> but just to guide them and move them in the right direction and such.  I've
> run some kids classes before at local events where it was just me and the
> children, and for a physical activity like that it can get a bit crazy, as
> some of them will want to just start running around, but if there are at
> least a few adults involved, it can help keep it together. 
> 2.  Now I'm not sure how exactly to approach this, so probably just Young
> Kids and Older Kids will work fine.  But I found once upon a time that it
> wasn't so much the Age of the kids involved, but their Attention Span /
> Rambunctiousness that determined the level of dance complexity they could
> handle.  Of course if we run the Young Kids classes first, then we can
> generally tell which ones would be good candidates to attend the Older Kids
> classes as well.  :)
> (no offense intended to the kids or anything.  But I remember an excellent
> 4 year old girl, and a very disruptive 10 year old boy.  Though Boys vs
> Girls may result for some differences as well, but I wouldn't think we'd
> want to do a Boys dance class, vs a Girls.)
> I can definitely help out as a ringer, but I know I'm going to be busy at
> Pennsic, so if someone else (perhaps with children) wants to take the lead
> on this, I think that would work best.  But if no one can, let me know and
> I potentially can do it.  (but I'll need help at the class!)   :)
> A Children's Ball is definitely an interesting idea.  Not sure whether to
> make something formal, or just have a few of these classes themselves, and
> call the last one the ball?  I'm just wondering if there would really be a
> huge difference in the "Class" vs the "Ball", though it might be fun for
> the kids to have a "Ball", and we could maybe get a band for it?  And
> snacks?
> Darius
> On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 7:36 AM, Krege, Barbara B  wrote:
> > Sorry to hear Emma that you won't be at Pennsic.  Thanks for letting me
> > know. 
> >
> >
> >
> > I hope someone else will teach a couple of dance classes, one for the
> > younger and one for the older children. 
> >
> >
> >
> > Thanks for teaching the children last year. 
> >
> >
> >
> > Barbara
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> > As of now I don't think we will be attending Pensic this year (we don't
> > make it every year) Maybe someone else will take up the challange. The
> > dances I remember including in the class were: Sellanger's round, Petit
> > Vrien (Higglety Pigglety My Fine hen), Montard bransle, bransle with
> > improvisations, Rose bransle (ring around the Rosie), and Galliard basics:
> > clapping in rhythm  and jumping on the cadence. 
> >
> >   Of the constructive feedback I received from some older girls (age
> > 8-12), it might be worth looking at a class aimed at an intermediate aged
> > audience as well, they felt the class was a little childish. Not that they
> > cannot join in adult dance classes, but the pre-teens and and early teens
> > might enjoy a social dance class especially for them as well. 
> >
> >      Emma
> >
> > On 15 April 2012 18:36, Krege, Barbara B 

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