pennsicdance: Any dance classes for the youth at Pennsic this year?

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at
Mon Apr 16 19:51:14 PDT 2012

Ah, when it comes to scheduling, I'm not the one choosing times.  Lorenzo
will know who is forming the schedule.

If the times are most critical, then perhaps we can decide on a few time
slots over the course of the main week for children oriented sessions.
 Though we probably should confirm what those classes will be / who will
take the lead first, so let's give a chance to see if anyone else knows
their schedule or would like to jump at planning these classes.  :)   (or
like I say, I can do it)

To the list, do we know our tentative daytime schedule yet?  i.e. I know
that often we have a partial layout, of when ball prep and beginner classes
may fall in the day.  Just thinking about what we can look at that might
fit into the schedule Jayne laid out.

I know I still have to book my dance classes regardless.  Just had been
busy leading up to Terp.  Should be able to book things finally.  :)


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