pennsicdance: Any dance classes for the youth at Pennsic this year?

Krege, Barbara B KREGE at
Sun Apr 15 15:36:17 PDT 2012

Greetings to all Dancers on this list,

Thanks first of all for all the teaching that many of you do.

I have enjoyed being at your classes the last three Pennsics.

Last year I attended the very large and wonderful class for the children at the Dance Pavilion.

I think it was titled Dancing Fun for Children and was taught by Lady Emma, Martin and their son Emmundr.

It was amazing to watch and I loved the joy on the children's faces (and their parents).

It is my hope that several european dance classes for the children have either been scheduled or in the planning for this year at Pennsic.

There will also be a Pennsic Youth Choir (for ages 8-17) this year at Pennsic, with rehearsals in the Performing arts Pavillion, starting Saturday, August 4 and run thru Thursday, August 9 of war week 1-2pm each day (Tue and Wed. rehearsals are 12-1pm and Thursday there is a dress rehearsal TBA).

It is my hope that any dance classes for the youth are not scheduled opposite the youth choir classes.

And if you send to me at krege at<mailto:krege at> any planned children/youth european dance classes, I will try to be sure that other youth classes and activities don't conflict with those times.

Maybe next year, there can be an afternoon european dance ball for the kids?

Thanks for all that you do.

I know that you work hard for us all.

Barbara Krege

(THL Jayne Barber, Outlands, European dance instructor for 12 years in al-Barran.)

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