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Sun Jan 29 00:31:51 PST 2012

Hi Guillaume,

Interesting idea.  I just figured I'd offer up some thoughts, either way,
on the topic.

- We'd have to find out what sort of costs would be involved (and whose
budget they'd come from)
  - in particular, how often do they need to replace the filters?

- Although I expect Pennsic is pretty good for not having random theft /
vandalism, we might have to keep an eye on this / bring it in at night.
 (vs the one at the chirurgeon's has medical staff around 24/7)

- and I'm not certain about the expectations regarding how much water
people are allowed to take.  I've never seen a limit, but I know that
campsites are still generally expected to take care of their own water, as
opposed to taking too much from the chirurgeons.  Hopefully this wouldn't
become an issue, and would just be used for people's walking around
bottles, but I don't know.

- would we want to set up a shade tent there as well?

I could go either way on the idea.  I think the cart we got last year has
been a considerable improvement, and with it the water source isn't that
far away  (and anyone can do the water runs now).  I do see it as another
thing to manage.  But certainly it would be a nice service on a busy
corner, in what is nearly always stiflingly hot conditions.

Now an Ice Machine, that would be handy!  :)   (though I think they already
complain about the amount of power our tent draws for lighting)


On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 3:56 PM, fra. Guillaume the Dancer <
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> Hello Lorenzo et al.,
> I have a quick suggestion for the Dance Tent.  If there room in our
> budget, what do people think of requesting one of those cow water
> filtration things for the spigot across the main road from the tent?
> Putting one there would be very convenient for the dancers and the
> Pennsic University in general.  Let's face it, next to the martial
> crowd, dancers are the ones who require the most water.
> As a side benefit, having filtered water across the street from the Tent
> would also be handy for people heading into the Serengeti and for other
> campers.  Our intersection is one of the busiest at war. I am sure many
>  passers by would appreciate avoiding the detour to the medical tent
> for pleasant water.
> --
> Guillaume
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