pennsicdance: Water for the tent

fra. Guillaume the Dancer Guillaume_the_Dancer at
Sat Jan 28 12:56:41 PST 2012

Hello Lorenzo et al.,

I have a quick suggestion for the Dance Tent.  If there room in our
budget, what do people think of requesting one of those cow water
filtration things for the spigot across the main road from the tent?
Putting one there would be very convenient for the dancers and the
Pennsic University in general.  Let's face it, next to the martial
crowd, dancers are the ones who require the most water.

As a side benefit, having filtered water across the street from the Tent 
would also be handy for people heading into the Serengeti and for other 
campers.  Our intersection is one of the busiest at war. I am sure many 
  passers by would appreciate avoiding the detour to the medical tent 
for pleasant water.


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