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Sun Jun 17 13:04:34 PDT 2012

> The Known World Dance and Music Symposium (KWDS or KWDMS) is the SCA's
> primary biennial dance and music event. This is the fifth KWDS to be
> held -- previous KWDS/KWDMS events have been held in New Orleans LA,
> St Louis MO, Boston MA, and Dallas/Fort Worth TX.
> KWDS covers the period in history from c. 1450 (and earlier) through
> to 1650 or thereabouts. Dance styles covered include French, Burgundian
> and Italian Basse Danse, Italian Balli of the 15th & 16th centuries,
> dances from Arbeau, Arena, Gresley, through to Santucci and the first
> edition of Playford's The English Dancing Master.
> Music styles covered follow the same time period, with a focus on
> secular and dance music.
> Preliminary information including a Call for Papers is available here:
> --
> Del

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