pennsicdance: Pennsic Dance Stats

Gwommy 'Bill' Holderman gwommy at
Mon Aug 16 13:51:58 PDT 2010

> My favorite though was Old Mole for Eight.  :-)
The Montarde Bransle for 17 was interesting (it took 15+ minutes to
get everyone through the dance).

I still liked how we did the 'Mystery Dance' the best though.  One
late night, we had Udarich, me and 6 other dancers.  I'd sit a piece
of music on half of Uldarich's stand, then find another piece using
the extra Pennsic piles to swap with the other half of the music
stand.  We went through about 8 different tunes that way.  It was
great watching them try to figure out how to go from Chestnut to
Gracca Amorosa! LoL!

> Did you keep any stats on musicians?  Or is that somebody else's job?
Nope, I don't think that anyone has that job.  Would you like it,
Uldarich?  The only stat that I'm sure of for the musicians is that
you played for us the most!  Thanks!  It was a blast. =)


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