pennsicdance: While procrastinating packing for war...

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Mon Jul 26 20:58:55 PDT 2010

While moving to a new apartment, I happened on a big pile of Pennsic
books. Hm, I said. I had a friend digitize the dance class listings
for Pennsic 23-27 and 29. I already had Pennsic 30+ online.

Could anyone scan the Pennsic 28 classes for me? I don't have that
year's booklet. A pdf will be fine, I will transcribe.

And if anyone's feeling bored, doing a summary of class hours taught
by year and by teacher would be interesting. We've come a LONG way
since Pennsic 23!

I added some notes about the early years of Pennsic sheet music before
the Pile existed. Perhaps some other folks could help fill in some
details. We seemed to have the floor at Pennsic 30, was that the first
year? And the floor was 1 year after the tent appeared. I guess I
could mine that kind of detail out of the mailing list archive...

-- Gregory

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