pennsicdance: Seeking Teachers For Beginning Dance Classes

Benjamin Pung ben at
Fri Apr 2 03:13:19 PDT 2010

Greetings Pennsic dancers!

We are starting to get submissions of classes for this year. but there's still lots of space left on the schedule. Remember: early submissions get the best time slots! It's quick and easy, just go to and enter your information. The deadline for inclusion in the printed class list is May 1.

We are also looking for teachers to cover the beginners' classes. The schedule will be a little more flexible this year, so let us know if you have any preferences on day and time and we'll do our best to accommodate you. We are also open to additions and alterations to the dance lists below, so let us know your thoughts. If you are interested in teaching one of the beginners' classes, email me directly at ben at .

The classes we still need teachers for are:

English Country Dance B (New Bo Peep, Hearts Ease, Rufty Tufty, Hit or Miss)

15th Century Italian C (Gelosia, Anello)

16th Century Italian A (Ballo del Fiore, Castellana)
16th Century Italian B (Bizzarria d'Amore)

Bransles A (Official, Horses, Pease, and Washerwomans Bransles)
Bransles B (Double Bransle Suite, Cassandra, Pinagay, and Montarde Bransles)

Almans A (Lorayne, Queen, and Madame Sosilia's Almans)
Almans B (Old, New and Black Alman)

Improvised Dance A (Piva, Saltarello)

Review By Request (as requested)

Absolute Beginner A (basic steps and simple dances)
Absolute Beginner B (basic steps and simple dances)

We're looking forward to seeing all of you at the war this year!


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