pennsicdance: Beautifying Pennsic

Judith Judithsca at
Mon Jan 18 23:07:07 PST 2010

Greetings all!

   There are plans this year to "beautify Pennsic". For most areas, I
unfortunately doubt this will be an attempt to make things look more
medieval, but at least it may serve to reduce the hideously glaring
anachronisms. Current plans involve designing side flaps for some public
pavilions that are decorated in painted tapestry designs. Since we in the
dance pavilion spend most of our time on the inside, however, I thought we
might enhance the interior of our space. To replace those plastic folding
chairs and modern folding tables, I would like to try to make simple wooden
trestle benches for the pavilion and some simple wooden trestle tables. We
have room in our storage trailer.

      Unfortunately, due to the ocean that sits between me and Pennsic, I
cannot engage in this project in a hands-on manner, but will need
volunteers. We have money in our budget for items such as this (as long as
we do not employ wood as expensive as mahogany), so people would be
reimbursed for materials. Is anyone interested participating in such a



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