pennsicdance: Beginners' Ball

Sonya patches023 at
Wed Jul 22 18:16:26 PDT 2009

What:		Beginners' Ball
Where:		Pennsic in the European Dance Tent
When: 		Sunday, August 2 from 9 pm to 2 am

The Beginners Ball is your opportunity to explore the joys of dance
available to all.  Please join us at Pennsic on Sunday August 2 at 9 pm, for
a ball that is open to all levels of dancers.  We will dance a lively
assortment of dances from Bransles to English Country to dances from the
Inns of Court to some easy Italian dances.  Is all this meaningless to you?
Don't worry as this is a 'teaching' ball. Beginners more than welcome.
Music will be provided by an open band assembled at Pennsic.  We welcome
musicians to join us in our celebration.  In addition, there will be light
refreshments available.  The refreshments are sponsored by Storvik.

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