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Katinka Del Motte katinkadm at
Mon Jun 22 08:13:28 PDT 2009

Jó napot kivánok!
I am new to this list and thank you for accepting me. 
I have 10 years experience in Hungarian Folk dancing. I started as a achild and remember most of the dances which my 12 year-old niece is now learning. Though the dances I have learned are post-period, I think it has given me a good base, so, I guess, I am no beginner. Period step names are intriguing for I know many of the names in Hungarian.
I have the legs of a dancer and the knees of a dancer as well.
I have no more to post at this time, but look forwarding to lurking for a while.
Lady Katinka(Mártoni Szarvas Kató Asszony)

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