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Salve, Master Avatar!
   I am coordinating dance at Pennsic once more. :-)
   Alas, you are too late for the 15th c. revel (already have an ensemble
tasked for it this year), but there are other options - for example, there
is the pre-1603 evening (which would involve 15th c. dances), and then there
is the Ball from 1503 which I shall be hosting as Queen.
    As for the Breton evening, I would rather not (not because I dislike
Breton dances - they are highly energetic, and I love the music). The
documentability of the dance form is, as you stated, questionable, and I
fear the slippery slope argument if we open that door (i.e. "well, Hole in
the Wall is more documentable to being within period than those dances, so
why do we not do that?). Any other opinions on the topic?


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 So who is coordinating dance this year?

  Istanpitta is going to be back at Pennsic this year and we maybe
interested in doing one of the dance tent balls. Hopefully 15th c. if that
is possible. Same setup as we did the 16th c. a couple of years ago.
Donation tip jar and dance list a couple of months ahead to prepare.

Is this a possibility?

Also the next question. I am a little rusty about the Barn dances. When
do they normally start and is there any possibility of trying to host a
Breton dance night or is that a bit out of the scope of this event. Or do
you have any opinions about that. As I understand the form is very
traditional but not easily documental in terms of when the form came
into being (seems quite medieval in nature but again, not easily documental)

(M. Albretch (Avatar) Catsprey)

Al Cofrin

Albert Cofrin
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