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3 cheers to the lord of Purple!
Vivat!  Hoobah!  YAY!!!


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> Salvete!
> ??
> As the dust settles from my long journey home, I would like to thank here
> and now my drop dead deputy, Gwommy. Gwommy has to be one of the hardest
> working deputies ever. He gets up every morning at Pennsic to refill our
> water cooler with ice and open the dance pavilion. He was a major player in
> the set up of the floor, and coordinated the take down of the floor himself
> in Darius's absence, not to mention having been slapped with the unexpected
> task of providing an inventory (three cheers for more bureaucracy!) of our
> supplies when he was on his way off site. He also worked hard on scheduling
> classes, especially in searching out the multiple errors in the schedule the
> Pennsic U. had put together.
> ??? I could not have asked for a better deputy, and I would like you all to
> realize how much you should appreciate his efforts.
> ??? Thank you, Gwommy.
> Yours
> Judith
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