pennsicdance: Help needed: Caroso Ball

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Fri Jul 11 16:32:25 PDT 2008

I'm doing an Actual Caroso Ball at 5pm Wednesday of war week.
If you haven't seen one of these in the past, please see:

with the main difference being that we will be dancing only
dances from Caroso, Negri, Santucci, and other 16th century
Italian sources.

I need some help. I'm scheduled to teach a 4pm class in Orluk, which
inhibits my ability to set up (huff! puff! as I run up the
hill.) Also, I was planning on doing the music, so I could use a
Maestro/a del Ballo to run the show. If you haven't done this before,
I will be happy to explain your role.  Finally, I need to recruit some
Hats to open the ball and dance the first dance, so if you have a Hat
and would like to volunteer, please do so. Elsewise I'll chase you
down at War.

-- Gregory

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