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Wed Jul 2 17:54:26 PDT 2008

Hi folks sorry I've been silent... real life, as the chinese might 
put it, is interesting.

Quick brain dump:

Original floow was A/C grade plywood suflooring. Note that the
t/g takes off some of the assembled structure, so painted "borders" 
should be adjusted for the 47.5 or whatever. (3" borders on short edge,
2.75" on long). The sleepers need to be adjusted in length as well, or
you'll get creep and they eventually do not line up with seams.

First treatment was to waterseal the undersides of the plywood, and 
all sides of sleepers. Note, that the later is reasoable accomplished
by putting them on the plywood, and spraying the whole lot while nudging
the boards over and around.

The top sides of the floor were all primed, with the understanding that 
each would get a coat a paint with the design. Because the primer was tinted, 
this lead to confusion and some areas had to be painsteakingly touched 
up later. For that reason, I'd recommend all sides be primed *and* 
painted the lightest color at the outset, before any designwork be done.

Coverage of various coatings and drying times should be printed on the 
cans, and will be all over the place depending on the weather.

As far as rough surfaces, they weren't too bad.  The trick to masking is:
1: apply mask tape.
2: paint over masking tape with color you would like *under* the tape.
3: paint over with color you want to be on the uncovered edge of the tape.
4: score and remove tape.

Step 2 (often omitted) seals any places the tape isn't sticking/masking
due to unevenness of surface. (within reason of course)

There should be a paint match stick in the supplies. If not, I think
it was written in the "care and feeding" book which is out there
someplace... Adele?

My "off the cuff" recommendation would be to Seal/paint all floor 
sections including designs, and give them a year to fully stabalize.
That might be impractical... 
Several sections were danced upon too soon in the past, resulting in 
damaged artwork.

This is a disservice to the folks spending the time and effort to make
our floor pretty.  


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