pennsicdance: Dance Floor Maintenance

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at
Fri Jun 27 22:30:58 PDT 2008

Oh, and just to note, I expect that we will still be painting some
panels / patterns each year, it just won't be as big a focus when we
are making new boards.  (also, the new boards probably won't be ready
for patterns immediately, based on when we will want to assemble them,
but we'll have to see how it all goes, and how quickly it proceeds)
(also may depend upon weather)

As for sub-flooring, well, I would like to make sure if that is what
we have been using.  I agree that it isn't perfectly smooth for
painting, but it seems durable, so we may have to decide if it is a
choice between durable, versus pretty.  I am leaning towards durable,
but that would depend on how much longer one would last over another,
since I am just thinking that lately Pennsic has been rather Hot, and
we don't always have as many bodies around as we would like during the
first days of the first week, so I am leary to take on too much extra
work.  But it is up for discussion, depending on what is reasonable /

Oh, and I would love it if we could get the ground levelled.  Maybe I
should mention it again.  However, for the moment, I am just asking
that perhaps they fix the leaks in the tent first.  :)

As a side note, I am making progress regarding a Date and a Site for
Known World Dance in 2009.  I'll let everyone know the moment I have
this fixed.  Unforutnately, the Date issue partly depends on another
event around here, and they are not getting back to me sufficiently.
But they are just having the event this weekend, so hopefully they can
give me their date this coming week.  I am still negotiating between
July 2nd to 5th weekend, versus June 25th to 28th.


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