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Thu Jun 26 14:25:14 PDT 2008

Actually subflorring is meant to have carpet on it and walked walked
on.  It's fully stable, but doesn't have pretty finished surfaces.
It's meant to support all the weight, but have something else be the
exposed layer: hardwood, carpet, laminate, lynolium, etc allmost all
of which is not load bearing, just a finishing touch to make it look
good, or soften it up.


On 6/26/08, Renee <goddess at> wrote:
> Darius, this 3-year plan sounds practical, although I will miss
> painting panels every year!
> Upgrading:
> One would think subflooring is *not* made to be walked upon,
> based on the name.  It is meant to have hardwood atop it.
> If better panels will hold paint and varnish better, a big
> problem no?, gradually upgrading would be very desirable.
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