pennsicdance: Dance Floor Maintenance - Quick questions

White, John john.white at
Thu Jun 26 07:45:20 PDT 2008

> From:  David Learmonth

> Admittedly that sort of thing is small, so I could get it when I get
> there.  The plywood is the most critical.  

I was there for the initial build of the dance floor, and I remember
that the flooring itself is actually subflooring, rather than another
grade of plywood.  This was done initially, I believe, because they
were putting together the bulk of the floor and subflooring is less
expensive than regular plywood, while being just as strong (and perhaps
being tongue and groove automatically - i.e. not requiring extra
As I recall, the main drawback was that its definitely a rough surface
to paint any detail on - not even masking tape made it easier to get
lines because the tape just couldn't be secured well enough to make a

Now, if the floor is being replaced/upgraded in sections, it might be 
cost effective to replace it with a better grade of wood.  However,
is designed to be walked on, while regular plywood isn't necessarily,
increasing the cost yet again.

Hopefully someone with the details will chime in - I know that the first
floor wasn't built on a whim or an impulse ...

> Thanks
> Darius
      \\Dafydd C

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