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Tue Apr 8 13:16:46 PDT 2008


Sorry, I've been busy.  I can definitely help out with a bunch of
beginner classes.  Lynnette should be able to run some classes as
well, we just haven't had a chance to sign up yet.

Not sure how many you want.  I could do something with most of those
styles.  Certainly, I could run / was thinking of running:
Bransles - Champagne suite
Bransles - Mimed
some ECD
Inns of Court
Beginners 15th C Italian

So I could do those 5 anyway (I just won't guarantee class notes for
all of them, but I will try).  I could probably do some beginners
stuff in the other genres as well.  But those would be my first 5
class choices.  Should I go online to try to set these up on the
Pennsic class site?


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>  Salvete!
>  ?? We still need more volunteers to cover the daily absolute beginner and focused beginner dance classes at Pennsic...Focused beginner topics include...
>  ECD
>  bransles
>  Bassadanza
>  15th c. italian (balli)
>  Bassedanse
>  16th c. Italian
>  Inns of Court
>  other focused beginner topics???
>  Absolute beginner means students starting from the ground basics of walking and rhythm, implying no previous dance experience, whereas the focused beginner classes imply students with some dance experience, but minimal to no experience in the specific subject area.
>  My thanks!
>  Judith
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