pennsicdance: Dance Floor Setup

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at
Tue Jul 17 23:44:27 PDT 2007

Hello Dancers!

Well, Lynnette, Gwommy, and I have survived our trip, and now it is
time to get back to organizing dance activities!

Lynnette and I should be at Pennsic sometime Friday evening (27th) if
all goes well, and plan to commence some initial unloading of the
trailer Saturday morning, for anyone who is available to help.  I am
not sure on the exact schedule yet, however last year I think we were
doing this around 10 am / 11 am, while land was still being

We will follow up with some shopping for supplies that day or the next
(which shouldn't take too many people).

Sunday through Tuesday will be general painting of new tiles, touch
ups, repairs, what have you.  Anyone who is interested is welcome to
come hang out.  This year we plan on having an outdoor specific paint
(sorry for the slip up last year, for anyone whose tiles may have been
somewhat erased).  Oh, but we will plan to keep the design as a
parquet floor, as intended.

And now I am trying to remember exactly how much we started on Tuesday
last year.  I believe that either that afternoon, or for sure by
Wednesday morning that we had the initial smaller team out there for
laying out the initial pieces of the floor, such that it could be
quick on Wednesday afternoon.

The MAIN SETUP will be Wednesday from about NOON ONWARD.  We will plan
to work through that afternoon, so that the floor is ready for the
evening dancing.

Take down will be on the next Friday, as usual.  I will let people
know when we will be starting.  Last year we were pretty efficient
about it, and we will likely try for the same schedule.  Something
akin to:  We start cleaning up and removing Screws (for anyone with
power tools) right after the last class in the morning, probably
around 10 or 11 am, and we get the main disassembly crew there for 1
pm, to have it down and away by 2 pm.

So I think that is it.  I will try to confirm details for certain as
it progresses, and appreciate any help that can be offered.  I will
email other Pennsic people who are in charge of running major things
to coordinate opening the trailer and lighting and power setups and
such shortly.


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