pennsicdance: What we missed last year?

Annikki Weston annikki at
Thu Jul 27 08:14:08 PDT 2006

Philip Edward Lewis wrote:

> I made a box lst year from discarded floor sections, although i'm not
> remembering how far i got. (I think it was hinged, but not sure how
> well... I was working mostly from scraps and without much of a
> plan. ;) Don't know if there is a shackle on it, but perhaps a key can
> be kept/checked out from the Class Coordinator tent that could open
> this box for access to a boombox that is kept at the tent in this box?

We have a combination lock for this box.  There will be a few 
early-morning dancers who will know that combination so that the stereo 
can be brought out for the first class each morning.

> We had talked about a shelf/cart, perhaps with wheels, that could
> house various stuff, like the Pile folders, a whiteboard (or
> chalkboard) and be transported to and from the barn.

Do people have any strong preference, either way, regarding whiteboard 
vs. chalkboard?  I'm thinking that a damaged floor section could be put 
to a second use with some chalkboard paint, rather like damaged floor 
pieces went into building the box.

I haven't seen anyone speak up on the idea of shelving or cart.  Nix it 
for this year?

  > Adele, how/where is the care and feeding book?
> Were any updates made from last year? (curious, not pestering)

Darius, Lynnette, and I have the current file -- if anyone wants it 
emailed, I'll happily send it over!  Lovely pictures of you, Phlip, were 
added!  Actually, they're just of your arms holding measuring tape up so 
that we have a much more solid idea of how to start laying the floor in 
regards to the center poles.

> a few extention cords for the group, but does anyone remember if we had
> a power tap that gave us more outlets at a convenient height?

No idea.  :(

> I seem to recall that we bought a bunch of square drive bits last
> year... those are always in demand.

Always handy, yep. :)


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