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Sean D. Sorrentino sdsorrentino at
Tue Jul 25 11:54:55 PDT 2006

i actually received them both just last night. i was
planning on emailing him today to say thanks.

thanks from both myself and my lady. we are hoping
that this year she will be able to play some, and next
year, i will not embarrass her (by my playing, i mean.
there's no hope of me not embarrassing her otherwise)


--- Annikki Weston <annikki at> wrote:

> Sean D. Sorrentino wrote:
> > So, about that Pennsic Pile. i need to get two
> copies
> > of it. i am learing to play music, and the sheet
> music
> > for all our dances seems like a good thing to have
> > around. i need a copy for me and for my lady. is
> there
> > a charge for it? it can't be cheap to print out
> that
> > much paper.
> > Domenico
> Domenico, did Octavio ever get back to you on this? 
> We're going to be 
> printing the Pile soon.  Sounded like he was just
> going to be bringing 
> the lot to Pennsic itself, though I'm not positive.
> Adele

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