pennsicdance: What we missed last year?

Philip Edward Lewis flip+ at
Tue Jul 18 10:02:38 PDT 2006

OK... We're getting close to time, so i'm getting ancy about various
pennsic dance things, despite the fact i've been less involved the
past few years.

What sorts of things were we "wanting" last year, 
that we didn't have... or that were inconvenient?
One thing that I thought had an inconvenience factor was the 
boombox availablity.

I made a box lst year from discarded floor sections, although i'm not
remembering how far i got. (I think it was hinged, but not sure how
well... I was working mostly from scraps and without much of a
plan. ;) Don't know if there is a shackle on it, but perhaps a key can
be kept/checked out from the Class Coordinator tent that could open
this box for access to a boombox that is kept at the tent in this box?

We had talked about a shelf/cart, perhaps with wheels, that could
house various stuff, like the Pile folders, a whiteboard (or
chalkboard) and be transported to and from the barn.

anything else?

I'm not sure I'll be able to do any of these projects, but none of it 
will get done if we don't have a clear idea of that which is wanted/needed.

On floor dis/assembly:

Do we have a formal schedule of when to be where for floor
setup/takedown? (ok... where is mostly obvious... it's at the
tent... does pennsic staff know to get our trailer there before we
plan on starting?)

Adele, how/where is the care and feeding book? 
Were any updates made from last year? (curious, not pestering)

Cordless tools are great when there isn't power available, but I find
that when power is available (like at the tent... when the breakers
havn't blown ;) the powered versions work much better. I know I bought
a few extention cords for the group, but does anyone remember if we had
a power tap that gave us more outlets at a convenient height?

I seem to recall that we bought a bunch of square drive bits last
year... those are always in demand.

May no harm befall you,
Ich habe keine Ahnung was das bedeutet, oder vielleicht doch?

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