pennsicdance: English Revels

Alex Clark alexbclark at
Sat Apr 22 16:25:21 PDT 2006

Right Worthy Dancers,

The time has come when I must decide what, if anything, to do about English 
Revels this time. I'd be happy to host them again (unless someone else 
really wanted to do it), probably on Saturday the 12th. But I would be much 
happier about it if I had several volunteers to help with refreshments. 
Last year I thought I was going to retain full artistic control by doing it 
all myself, and I bit off more than I could chew. (Don't worry; it's just a 
metaphor. I wasn't biting the food before serving it.)

So for anyone who would like to help support the English Revels, or just to 
show off, donations of refreshments (such as cakes, sweetmeats, pastries, 
and drinks) will be welcome. I intend to bring at least one thing myself 
out of the things that I served last year (currant cake, Shrewsbury cakes, 
and baked pudding), and I will be happy to share recipes and coordinate 
things so that we don't have eight people all bringing Digby's creme fouetee.

Offers of on-site cooking facilities (especially ovens) would also be 
welcome, though I can't yet be sure if they will be needed.

Please write back within the week if you would like to offer to help, or if 
you were hoping to take a turn to host.

Henry of Maldon/Alex Clark

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