pennsicdance: Pennsic is 5 months away...

Annikki Weston annikki at
Wed Mar 22 02:57:08 PST 2006

Alex Clark wrote:
> The Teacher Registration Form says, "In order to avoid teacher burn out 
> and allow more people to experience the fun and challenge of teaching at 
> the Pennsic War, you are limited to four (4) classes per teacher. 
> Exceptions to this limit will be made for one-on-one classes and daily 
> group exercise workshops such as Morning Stretch."

Thank you for pointing that out -- I had never noticed it.  I've checked 
  up the chain of command, and apparently that limit has been in place 
for years.  Needless to say, schedulers are allowed to work around it as 
they see fit.

No problem for us there!

Adele Desfontaines

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