pennsicdance: Pennsic is 5 months away...

Annikki Weston annikki at
Mon Mar 13 12:35:24 PST 2006

Where'd the time go?

It's definately time for Pennsic Planning, ladies and gentlemen.

I've posted a note to sca-dance, so we might be getting a few people 
joining up from there in the next few days.

Got an idea for a class?  We've only got some 80 or so hours of schedule 
to fill in.  :)  People can sign up for teaching classes at the Pennsic 
University site: teachin

Want to teach, but you're not certain you can make it?  I know there are 
plenty of fantastic teachers out there who end up not signing up for a 
class because they can't be certain they'll go until after the class 
deadline.  Give me a holler, please.  There will be a few slots in the 
schedule with unspecified teachers, such as "English Country Dance - 
Instructor TBA."  Not many, mind you, but a few.

Next item -- the floor!  We have NO ONE for the floor right now, not 
even someone to fall back on if no one else steps forward.  We need 
someone to step up for this job.  Perks include:  everyone's gratitude, 
shopping with Pennsic money (okay, maybe I'm the only one in the world 
who is amused to get a reimbursement check with "Pennsic War" as the 
account), and the satisfaction of seeing such a big project get _done_.

Master Octavio can do the Pennsic Pile compilation, but cannot be the 
overall Music Coordinator.  Is there a volunteer who would be so kind as 
to take on the rest of this job?

Last item for the moment -- feedback.  If you've got something to say 
about last year's Pennsic, or cool ideas for this year's Pennsic, please 
tell me.  I've been sorting through the deluge from after Pennsic 34 and 
getting all sorts of nifty ideas.


Adele Desfontaines

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