pennsicdance: Dance Floor Construction Schedule

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at
Wed Aug 2 13:31:16 PDT 2006

Hello Dancers!  3 Points below:

1. Lynnette and I figured that we should just notify everyone of our
approximate plans for the Dance Floor this year.  The schedule will be
something like this:

Either Fri (Aug 4) Evening or Sat Morning - Open Trailer, Unload floor
pieces and inspect for damage (a few people to help lift would be
great, if anyone is around)

Sun or Mon - Shop for new supplies (We don't need anyone extra for
this, just a few of the main coordinator people)

Tues Afternoon - Initial setup to get ground sheets down and first portion of
floor set up and aligned (won't need too many people, as this will be
slow, meticulous work)  *Note: we may also paint a few new floor
pieces Tuesday, if required

Wed 10 am till 6 pm - major construction (PLEASE COME AND HELP WITH
SETUP!  We will need people throughout the day, so please offer
whatever help you can.  We will be dancing on it Wed night!)

Final Friday - Teardown after last class in afternoon.  The Plan is
that we will start the first 30 minutes or so with an "un-screwing
team" to get the job started, and everyone else can pile in afterwards
to help in the lifting and putting the pieces back into the trailer.

2. Could we get a quick estimate on available power tools?  If you
have a rechargeable, or plug-in electric drill that you can bring,
Please let us know (email us).  Bringing them for setup, or even just
teardown, would be very helpful.  We have 3 to start, but the more we
have, the better.
(Oh, and I believe it is the Square Headed Screws we use, but we will
hopefully have some extra bits)

3. Contact Info.  Lynnette and I will be Camping down Runestone Hill,
near the bathhouse, in W13, Eoforwic Campsite.
I will have my cell phone on me at least somewhat at Pennsic (during
the main setup days).  I just got a decent roaming plan on the phone,
so I will actually be able to use it a bit in the US while I am there.
 If you need to get me, you can try my phone / leave a message.  You
can dial either:
or toll free (should work in US, I think)

See you soon!
Darius and Lynnette

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