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Alex Clark alexbclark at
Fri Sep 16 08:39:03 PDT 2005

At 06:17 AM 9/16/2005 -0400, susan at wrote:
>Alex: unsupported assertion
>Me: Put up or shut up
>Alex: dodge and weave
>Me: Put up or shut up

If that is what you really think you were saying, then it is no wonder that 
you were offended by how I replied. But were you really able to write what 
you wrote (q. v.) and think that it contained no gratuitous, derogatory, 
and *unsupported* assertions?

>Alex: dodge and weave
>Bored now!

Bored with your own flame-war. How sad. :-)

>Anyone have an actual answer to my question, since Alex clearly doesn't?
>(Rough idea of tempo for bassadanza in beats per minute)

I already said this in a reply to someone else. That was *before* you 
started complaining that I wasn't answering your own question. Then I told 
you that I might address the question elsewhere in the discussion. Then, 
before you wrote this, I added a clarification that even suggested how I 
would compare bassadanza to Viennese waltz. Look it up; it's not hard. 
Those are my two most recent posts to this list that were not replies to 
you. If you're so self-important that you can't stand a discussion in which 
people aren't directing all their answers to your questions as such, that's 
too bad for you.

Now close your pointy-toothed mouth, retract your claws, smooth your fur 
down, and lose your obsession with noisy spirants.

Alex Clark/Henry of Maldon 

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