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Alex Clark alexbclark at
Thu Sep 15 20:33:13 PDT 2005

At 10:06 PM 9/15/2005 -0400, susan at wrote:
>. . . That you can't
>seem to provide intelligent discussion perhaps shouldn't come as a
>surprise to me after watching your regularly displayed ignorance of
>dance periods and styles you clearly don't know much about, but hey, I
>live in hope that you might actually decide to act like a scholar
>instead of an ignoramous one of these days. . . .

Thank you for that direct and dishonest ad hominem. I was just beginning to 
wonder if your intentions weren't quite as bad as I had thought they were.

I do not owe you the satisfaction of any more answer than that; I just hope 
that third parties are not fooled by your lengthy and belabored 

Alex Clark/Henry of Maldon 

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