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Thu Sep 15 16:56:51 PDT 2005

At 03:26 PM 9/15/2005 -0400, susan at wrote:
>On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 02:51:03PM -0400, Alex Clark wrote:
> > At 02:11 PM 9/15/2005 -0400, susan at wrote:
> > On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 02:04:46PM -0400, Alex Clark wrote:
> > >> As for what works well for dancing, I think that the bassadanza section
> > >of
> > >> the dance goes well at a tempo similar to a not-too-fast Viennese waltz,
> > >
> > >I was under the impression that fast was part of the definition of a
> > >Viennese waltz, which leaves this statement basically nonsensical.
> >
> > Fast is not the same as too fast.
>That would be why I find your suggestion of doing a dance at the "not
>too fast" tempo of a fast-by-definition dance to be more than slightly
>useless.  Can you provide BPM (beats per minute) or do you not actually

Aren't you the one who is being nonsensical? Since it is fast by 
definition, excluding any too-fast tempo should tend to leave a rather 
narrow range. Unless you think that all Viennese waltzes are too fast, or 
that (despite facts of anatomy and laws of physics) there is no such thing 
as too fast.

> > Please save up such harsh criticisms for
> > circumstances in which they are valid.
>If you don't want to be called on vague and potentially invalid
>comparisons, you should not make them in front of people who might
>actually know what you're talking about.

You do not seem to be a person who knew what I was talking about. You would 
have been quite welcome to call me on something that I really had said or 
done. But you criticized me based on your own *fallacious* misunderstanding 
of what I had said.

>But feel free to cite
>comparative BPM so we can judge whether your comparison is valid
>or not.  Or are you just going to snip that request again and hope
>I'll forget I made it?

I might address that question elsewhere in the thread, but I will not 
respond to you in a cooperative manner. By now you ought to have learned 
what to expect when you write that way. You were seeking an adversarial 
relationship; deal with it.

Alex Clark/Henry of Maldon 

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