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Thu Sep 15 11:42:30 PDT 2005

At 01:54 PM 9/15/2005 -0400, Genevieve de Montmorency wrote:
>The only recording I have of Amoroso  [Alte Danze] always leaves the 
>dancers out of breath and not at all feeling or looking amorous. My 
>metronome says that the beat on that recording is 100, whereas I like 
>Amoroso around 84, still sprightly but graceful and more amorous.

What condition are these dancers in? And do we know that the steps that 
these dancers are using are the right size?

>Now for some evidence from original sources to sustain my assumption and 
>my intuition about this piece: Da Piacenza states that the piva is 
>'presteça' in relation to the bassadanza  (line 219).  He says that you 
>put two of these pive in one of bassadanza which would put it at a 
>metronome marking of about 100 per piva.

Does this mean that we know that the bassadanza should have a metronome 
marking of about 50? I like it closer to 60.

>He goes on to say that you can also dance 2 piva in a quadernaria, which 
>is a bit fast and is 'used in festivals when the irons are hot from the 
>wax of the god Bacchus, ending the dancing." (line 324)  Finally he talks 
>about doing 2 pive to one saltarello: "they will be very fast. They will 
>not have their [mathematically proportional 2:1] arrangement but it is 
>beautiful to know how to do it." (line 349)  When he summarizes in Chapter 
>16 the four movements of the piva, he does so in order of increasing 
>speed, and the bassadanza = 2 piva is the second one mentioned. "The first 
>movement has its arrangement in its essence" is all he says, but the 
>inference is that the normal piva is slower than that which is twice as 
>fast as the bassadanza (c 100). . . .

Unless he explicitly said that each is faster than the previous one, then I 
would only infer that this indicates that the normal piva is no faster than 
twice as fast as the bassadanza. BTW, when you said "the inference is", did 
you mean that this is the only possible inference, or did you mean that 
this is your own inference but you think that since it is yours no other is 
worth considering?

Alex Clark/Henry of Maldon 

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