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Thu Sep 15 11:33:28 PDT 2005

> He says that you 
> put two of these pive in one of bassadanza which would put it at a 
> metronome marking of about 100 per piva. He goes on to say that you can
> also dance 2 piva in a quadernaria, which is a bit fast........

Thank you Genevieve for pointing this out!

I just want to point out that there are suggested speeds (X quarter notes 
per minute) on some Pennsic Pile pieces, but these are suggestions. The 
source music for amoroso is in piva, but if transcribed to 2/4 time would 
be mostly sixteenth notes IIRC. Putting it as 4/4 with eigth notes "feels" 
better. (I think the Pile piece is She'era's arrangement, not sure without 
it in front of me).

The evening musicians can get together with the evening coordinator and 
choose to play it slow or fast. In past Pennsics I've tried to throw both 
speeds in at least once over the whole set of open dancing evenings.

The wonderful thing about 15c Italian as SCA social dance is you can fit 2 
pive to a quartenaria doppio (more or less) and a quartenaria doppio to 2 
pive. So if a dancer feels the tempo is a bit fast, they can choose to do 
6 doppii instead of 12 pive for the opening phrase. And if the music seems 
slow, more like 12 measures of 4/4 quartenaria, then they can choose to do 
24 pive instead!

It's fun, give it a try!

If you are realy skilled at partir di terreno (step size and such), then 
you can fit your new steps into the exact same travel distance as the old 
choreography called for.

-Lyev (who just happens to be teaching stuff like that in the Cleftlands 
on the 24th of this

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