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At 11:49 AM 9/15/2005 -0500, whirlygig wrote:
>Rostiboli = a courtship dance.  ((The couple meets, and separate to
>speculate, then meet again.  Afterwards there is a disagreement and they
>argue.  ((The argument could also be a ruse for 'playing hard to get.'
>He'll chase her, until she catches him))

I must have forgotten all about the latter aspect of the dance. Did one of 
the primary sources tell us that part of the dance is supposed to be some 
sort of quarrel? I hope you aren't basing your interpretation of the dance 
and the music on an unsupported product of modern imagination.

>and the dance moves back into the
>beginning stages as they meet again and speculate.))
>Tempo for the A and C part-

I don't understand what you mean. What are "A" and "C"? Did you mean the 
first two strains of the tune (the bassadanza part)? Or did you mean 
everything except the scossi and doppii strain, but including the 
saltarello strain?

And did I understand correctly that what you called "A" and "C" are the 
same music?

>  I think best pulled back- almost Adagio (about
>the slower speed "Home on the Range" is sung).
>The B (movimento) part, more brisk- Allegro (About the tempo "We Be Three
>Poor Mariners" is sung)

This might mean more to someone who sings these songs with you.

>That story is all in the music, IF the entire piece is not played at the
>tempo of the movimento section.

The story that you find in the music is subjective, and it depends in part 
on what story you were looking for.

As for what works well for dancing, I think that the bassadanza section of 
the dance goes well at a tempo similar to a not-too-fast Viennese waltz, 
the saltarello section should be close to the version of Hearts Ease on 
Country Capers, and the piva section should be about as fast as a quick 
march. BTW, this puts all doubles except those in the saltarello somewhere 
around a moderately brisk walking pace.

Alex Clark/Henry of Maldon 

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