pennsicdance: need some music

Annikki Weston annikki at
Mon Sep 12 16:15:42 PDT 2005

Maugorn at wrote:

> There are pieces that are built for speed, but others, like Amorosso, I think 
> need  just a little room to really breathe and flow.  Amorosso is so very 
> sensual and it just grabs you and moves you, even as you play it.  But too much 


> "Passionate" is the whole deal for me with so many of those lovely Italian 
> dances.  I have a hard time believing that tunes composed to be so obviously 
> passionate were to be played dispassionately fast.

Meanwhile, the faster tempo feels right to me because it's flirtier.  I 
first learned it on the slower tempo and it seemed downright corny at 
that speed.

It's never felt like it should be a passionate dance to me.  Playing 
"hard to get" -- the whole leaving your partner (and maybe even flirting 
with other dancers on the floor) thing -- doesn't seem at all like 
passion to me.


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