pennsicdance: need some music

White, John john.white at
Fri Sep 9 20:10:24 PDT 2005

>From:  Sean D. Sorrentino
>in addition to dancing by myself, i am compiling a cd
>for teaching all the 2 person 15th Century Italian
>dances in Joy and Jealousy. i have at least one piece
>of music for each of the dances EXCEPT Amoroso. does
>anyone have some music for that? 

The following CDs have Amoroso on them.  Most are the
slow, languid, beautiful and totally incorrect tempo.  Also,
as Gregory mentioned, there are various numbers of pivas
to start, various "chorus" repeats, and various implementations
of the half-measures (some stretch them to full measures).

Return of the Pipers by the Philadelphia Renaissance Wind Band (my fave)
Musica Subterranea by Musica Subterranea
A Consort of Dances by the Dragon Scale Consort
Alta Danza by Les Haulz Et Les Bas

        \\Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

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