pennsicdance: Mesura?

David Learmonth david.a.learmonth at
Thu Sep 8 09:19:23 PDT 2005

If people are looking for:

Accademia Viscontea I Musicanti - Mesura et Arte Del Danzare

I'm not sure where to get it, and would like to own a copy officially
myself (I don't think that I actually own it, but I am not sure). 
However, I know that I had my hands on it briefly, and so I can offer
the MP3s to people if they need them, and they can at least make a CD
out of it, for now.  There are 16 tracks.  I could probably send them
over email or something if needed (although my connection isn't the
fastest), or I could just send an individual one or two if there are
specifics that are being sought.

But otherwise, let me know if there is a good place to buy one, and I
will likely go for it as well.  Always good to have the original, if


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