pennsicdance: on the goop debate and website update

Julia Smith julias at
Wed Sep 7 14:14:32 PDT 2005

whirlygig wrote:

>Section II:  Slightly Out of Period  Playford II, III..., and other dances
>that occured between 1602 - 1702
>Section III:  Grosly Out of Period Dances - Dances from 17th century and

1702 is an odd choice, and I assume you mean 1652 for the start (since 
Playford I is 1651) of your Section II.  The last edition of Playford is 
1728, but many of those dances we consider to be GOOP (like Hole in the 
Wall) date to before 1700.  I tend to divvy up out of period dances 
conceptually: into "Late Playford" (and other country dances sources, 
like Fueillet), International Folk Dance, and SCA inventions.   But you 
may find some modification of your Sections II and III may work just fine.

Juliana de Luna

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